Collage making for World Awareness

During the second week of World Awareness activities, Peregrines learned about the life and work of the Argentinian artist, Antonio Berni. Berni started as a painter, but in later life began creating collage using recycled materials. His pictures often show people living the the city of Buenos Aries, surrounded by piles of litter. Peregrines got to work with scissors and glue, chopping up a range of colourful recycled materials, many of which came from the Scrapstore in Gloucester. Faces and scenes soon began to take shape, and were brought to life with googly eyes. As you can see, the children had some very colourful and creative ideas.

World Awareness: Clay Landscapes

Peregrines were visited by Julie Fowler this week, who introduced children to modelling in clay. Before starting to model, pupils handled some clay, and even left footprints in a slab of clay. Our clay project was to sketch a landscape showing the Andes mountains of Argentina onto a plaque of clay. Peregrines went out into the school grounds to find stones, leaves and sticks to use as modelling tools. Back in class, pupils etched patterns into the surface of their clay, creating different patterns and effects. Their plaques will be fired in the kiln before being painted.

World Awareness Week: Argentinian Empanadas

Peregrines rolled their sleeves up today to get cooking for World Awareness Week. Pupils made empanadas with apple and dulce de leche, which is a caramel spread from Argentina. Empanadas are a popular snack food in Argentina, and can have a variety of fillings. We filled a disc of pastry with apple which we prepared on Wednesday, adding a spoonful of dulce de leche.

Science mad

Peregrines were lucky enough to try out some new science games. The children in Osprey’s class have created some special science games to help us learn all about magnets. The children in Peregrines loved learning all about this topic and enjoyed playing the fantastic game creations. Well done and thank you Ospreys!