This week, we have been recapping how we use partitioning in maths. We have been practising how to use partitioning to help us add and subtract numbers. 


Under the sea

This term, Peregrines class topic will be ‘under the sea’. We started off our topic by sharing what we already knew. We then followed instructions to sketch our own sea creatures. The teachers even joined in too! 


Peregrines conducted an experiment to see how fairy liquid changed the property of food colouring in milk. The children got to observe the food colouring disappearing and loved investigating how the experiment changed when they used different types of milk. 

Clay frames

In art, we were designing our own clay frames. We had to use our measuring skills to check the length of each piece of clay so that they were equal. We found that we had to work quickly otherwise the clay started to dry out but they looked amazing!