In PE lessons this term, Peregrines will be developing their skills with athletics events. We have been practicing running, jumping and throwing activities, looking to improve on personal bests by developing techniques each week. We have been doing running and standing long jump, triple jump, sprint races, hurdles, relay races, power walking, egg and spoon race, bean bag throw, foam javelin and vortex throw.

Van Gogh Sunflowers

Peregrines have been looking at the work of Vincent Van Gogh this term in art, and created our own sunflowers paintings, using some of his colours and techniques. We used a palette of bright colours and painted with a dry brush, using lots of paint on the brush to make splodgy strokes. To paint the sunflower petals we loaded the brush with two colours to create stripes and contrasts.

Dragon Eggs and footprint fossils

Peregrines have been studying different stories about dragons this term, and have written about their pet dragons in English. We also been busy using air drying clay. We looked at the footprints of different wild animals, before discussing what we thought a dragon’s footprint might look like. We then used clay making tools to make an impression of a dragon footprint in clay. We also made egg shapes with clay, and put markings on them, as we imagined a dragon’s egg might look. This week we painted our eggs in bright colours, and made a nest to sit them in. Children took their dragon eggs home today. Perhaps they’ll hatch over the Easter break!

Time Capsule Project

Peregrines have been reflecting on the current lockdown restrictions, and yesterday wrote a list poem in English, listing five things they are planning to do once Covid safety restrictions are lifted. Some of these included visiting grandparents, going to the seaside, playing with cousins, having a sleepover, or just meeting up at a friends house. Today in our art lesson, we chose one thing to create a picture for, under the heading ‘When this is all over I’m going to . . .

Children were given a choice of art media for their picture, and made their own choice of how big to do their picture.

Peregrines 2050 Time Capsule Project

This week Peregrines reflected on the strange time we are living through, as they completed an activity to go into our class time capsule, which will be opened by the future Peregrines class of the year 2050. We thought about the events that have happened over the past year, and made a list of all the things that we are missing because of lockdown. Then we got messy with brightly coloured paints and big brushes, to paint our palm to create a handprint. Next to each of the five digits on the print, we listed one thing that we are missing during the current lockdown restrictions.

Hearts While We’re Apart

Peregrines had fun joining in with the Hearts While We’re Apart project started by Friends of Gastrells (FoG). The idea was to make a heart to share with all the Gastrells friends that we are missing during this lockdown period. As you will see below, we have had some lovely work sent in from home learners. Keyworker children in school also enjoyed designing and painting hearts while thinking about the absent friends we are all missing at the moment.