One Snowy Night 

Today was our first performance to the parents & families and it was FANTASTIC! I am SO impressed with ALL of the Peregrines for the effort they have put into their character roles. I can’t wait to do it all again tomorrow evening! 
Please remember to come back to school at 5pm tomorrow to get ready for the final performance! 

From a very proud Miss Smith 😄



5 thoughts on “One Snowy Night 

  1. We loved One Snowy Night! All the children were fantastic, loud, clear and most of all they looked like they were enjoying themselves. A pleasure to watch. Well done Peregrines and everyone that helped. So proud of you all.
    …..Any chance of putting the credits on the blog Miss Smith? Peregrines dancing would brighten the dullest of days!

    • I am still beaming with pride! They were fab. Definitely going to get the video onto the blog just need to fiddle with it to take out names etc as have to follow Internet safety rules. It will still include all of the super dance moves though!

      So glad you enjoyed it.

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